Cautech Invests in Acme Lighting

Cautech invests in Acme Lighting

Date: November 2018
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Equipment Used: Acme CM-700Z LED washes, Energy Pro Spots (XA-400Pro), 5R Beam Spots, ColorBar 16FC fixtures.
Application: Entertainment Lighting

Cautech, a fairly new production company based in Melbourne, have made their first investment into Acme lighting.

Adding 32 Acme fixtures into their lighting inventory was a decision Tony Lamplough, the owner of Cautech, made based on a shoot-out against some of the other main brand fixtures available on the market in the class. The purchase included 8x CM-700Z LED washes, 8x Energy Pro Spots (XA-400Pro), 8x 5R Beam Spots and 8x ColorBar 16FC fixtures.

“The equipment performed faultlessly for the 36 shows on the tour” – Tony Lamplough,
Director at Cautech.

“These Acme lighting units fitted in with the spec of a tour I was about to undertake, Star Wogs, The Ethnics Strike Back. This was the latest show from Nick Giannopoulos,” comments Tony.

During the shoot-out, the CM-700 high powered LED washes outperformed all the compared lighting fixtures in the intensity of the light output, making them together with Energy Pro Spots great workhorse fixture for Cautech’s flexible lighting inventory. Both luminaires are also very quiet,
which was a must for the theatre productions and corporate events that Cautech mainly focuses on.

The 5R Beam Spots were selected for producing great in air effects and ColorBar 16FC fixtures added to the mix as they are versatile wash lights with pixel control option.

“The equipment performed faultlessly for the 36 shows on the tour”, confirms Tony. “The tour starred Nick Giannopoulos and Mary Coutas, along with a trio called Sooshi Mango. Alex Saad was the Lighting Designer, and I assisted as the co-designer”.