Architectural Lighting

ULA Group collaborates with leading architects & lighting designers, together redefining spaces and creating new identities for urban locations,
historic landmarks and cultural sites.

With decades of experience in the architectural lighting industry, we deliver innovative solutions that stand out for their distinctiveness
and efficiency in an increasingly competitive market.

We are proud to partner with World leading manufacturers of architectural lighting and control solutions, providing advanced
LED lighting technology systems that are reliable, innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


ULA Group provide advanced LED
lighting technology systems that are reliable,
innovative, energy efficient and eco-friendly,
ensuring that the digital LED displays
are engaging as well as durable.


Working with the surrounding environment
to compliment the structure of the building
and ensuring all practices and products
are environmentally friendly under
our environmental certification.


Transforming structures around the world into
urban or cultural works of art with advanced
LED technology, the ULA Group has been
responsible for some of the most engaging
and memorable icons around the world.

Architectural Lighting Showcase

We take pride in providing our clientele with innovative and advanced lighting solutions, creating professional
relationships of substance, and working in together to produce projects of the highest quality.

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