Digital Displays

Global brands have been created from their understanding of the importance of engaging and inspiring their target market.  Digital LED technology has been a pivotal part of that ability to influence an audience by providing interactive digital platforms that ‘speak’ to the masses.

Our range of LED screens and displays is extensive, from mesh screens that can wrap about structures to video walls that span the length of a building, we can customise a digital LED display for indoor and outdoor use to suit any application in any industry.

Digital Display Advantages

Harnessing the power of VuePix, the leaders in LED screen technology, the ULA Group is transforming iconic structures and landscapes worldwide.

Our extensive range of LED screens are at the very cutting edge of LED technology, ensuring we have the perfect visual solutions for any given situation.

Our reputation for professionalism and innovation in delivering advanced LED digital solutions, has resulted in us working with some of the world’s most influential production companies and advertising agencies, across some of the most challenging locations worldwide.


Working with our clients to create a
customized LED display that fits their vision.
Indoor, outdoor, curved, mesh and
creative LED video panels –
the only limit is the imagination.


Our extensive market experience is
showcased through our company’s portfolio
spanning across iconic structures and
buildings, large-scale productions,
touring events and much more.


We appreciate that a digital display is
an investment for your company which is why
our LED technology uses the highest-grade
components and design standards, is eco-friendly
and provides a guaranteed longevity.


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Digital Displays Showcase

We take pride in providing our clientele with innovative and advanced lighting solutions, creating professional
relationships of substance, and working in together to produce projects of the highest quality.