Strength in Partnership

We believe in forming strong partnerships – our business is people as much as it is technology solutions.

ULA Group aligns itself with World leading specialist lighting brands as a manufacturing partner and exclusive distributor. Together we deliver fully comprehensive technology solutions to provide visual enhancement to some of the most prominent and iconic structures, buildings, entertainment venues, performances and multi-faced engineering projects worldwide.


Vuepix Infiled Logo


Leaders in LED Screens & Digital Displays

VuePix Infiled provides the ultimate visual solutions and viewing experience through advanced LED screen technology. Using only the highest quality components, VuePix Infiled offers innovative, custom and cutting edge designs in LED display solutions for a diverse global market.

VuePix Infiled enables you to redefine the imaging landscape and customise LED video systems to your specifications. Our range of LED video solutions incorporate indoor, outdoor, curved, mesh and creative LED video panels, making this one of the most versatile LED ranges on the market.

VuePix Infiled is manufactured, designed and is a trademark of the ULA Group.


Producer of Mobile LED Screens

Screen-LED are the global experts in fabricating mobile LED screens. They have eleven years of experience and have produced over 175 custom mobile LED screens for satisfied customers in 31 countries.

Screen-LED’s range of mobile LED screens are all customisable ensuring that a perfect solution can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


A global leading LED display solution provider

NovaStar are a Global leading LED display solution provider, who design and develop LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental.

NovaStar commit to creating innovative technology in LED display control. Their goal is to continue to create value for clients, offering pioneering technology, tailored solutions and user-friendly products.


World Leading 4K Led Processing

Brompton Technology is dedicated to the specialist design and manufacture of cutting-edge, rugged, and tour-ready LED video processing products for live events. Established in 2011 as part of the Carallon group, its products have been used on the international tours of acts like U2 and Metallica, as well as in long-term installations such as the BT Tower in London.

Over the last several years Brompton Technology has become a globally known and respected brand within the LED video industry; delivering the highest quality processors in the sector, software with an intuitive and evolving feature set, and providing industry-renowned 24/7 service and support.



World’s leading specialist in Far UV-C disinfection

UV Medico represents a team of business leaders, lighting technologists, and scientific experts applying breakthrough light-based technologies to keep people, businesses and other organisations safe from airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

The latest researches around the Globe confirm the far UV-C light treatment is a highly effective, environmentally friendly and reliable method, helping to combat the spread of infections and creating a safer, healthier work and social environments.



World Lighting Challenge

Proven quality and high reliability has established GRIVEN World Lighting Challenge as a global leader in architectural lighting.  The company’s understanding, appreciation and implementation of innovation and technology is present throughout their entire range of fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures.

GRIVEN boasts an impressive catalogue of eco-friendly and energy saving lighting solutions which are all proudly designed and manufactured in Italy. Their experienced team of technicians and engineers are committed to providing a broad spectrum of quality products ranging from custom-made through to functional.

Griven is a member of Nordeon Group.

Glassiled Logo


Bring Your Façade to Life

Imagine a glass façade. Pure and elegant by day, but when night falls it comes to life at the flick of a switch, transforming into a giant screen, a powerful, visual and interactive medium. GLASSILED provides exclusive technology transforming glass into creative platforms by embedding LEDS inside specialized glass and powered by a transparent conductive layer.

GLASSILED offers solutions both exterior and interior and is custom designed to compliment the venue and it’s intended message. The potential of these magnificent glass facades is limited only by the imagination with expert teams of designers and installers based in locations around the world.

GLASSILED is a member of AGC Glass.

GSM Logo


Breathtaking Performance

Originally founded in 1975, SGM has more than 40 years of experience within the entertainment lighting business.
In 2009, SGM brought in Peter Johansen to head the new R&D centre in Denmark.
Drawing upon his wide experience within the business and his capabilities for entrepreneurship, Peter Johansen established the company headquarters in Denmark in 2012.
Focusing on innovation and experimenting with emerging technologies, SGM has gathered one of the most experienced R&D teams in the world. Though SGM has grown to be a large global player in the business, the company is now purely Danish.

With Peter Johansen’s mission to regain market position as the leading company within the entertainment segment and the architectural lighting design, SGM is specializing in LED solutions.

Along with a constantly growing highly qualified distributor network and branded subsidiary companies around the world, SGM has established a global presence, demonstrating a solid experience in lighting equipment while presenting cutting-edge solutions.


Solid State: Solid Performance

Acclaim Lighting was founded 2003 in Los Angeles, California and immediately made an impact on the market with an impressive portfolio of innovative and advanced lighting technology, including high performance controller units for entertainment and architectural lighting demands.

Acclaim are a worldwide, established, key supplier for prestigious architectural and urban lighting demands as well as for challenging unique appearance of cultural venues, luxury hotels, theme parks, cruise ships, TV-studio sets and clubs.


Creating Connectivity for a Better Tomorrow

A company who is leading the lighting industry in wireless technology, LumenRadio has taken development one step further with their patented wireless technology.  Through their award-winning technology and a commitment to pushing the boundaries in developing new technology, the company has established themselves as a global partner in wireless connectivity.

LumenRadio is responsible for leading both the Entertainment Lighting and Internet of Things industries with their team’s dedication and experience in providing reliable wireless technology.  The company has instilled a sense of passion and creativity within their culture which has resulted in the production and development of advancements in lighting technology and connectivity never before seen in the industry.


Providing Advanced Lighting Control Solutions

Providing advanced lighting control solutions for specialist industries such as themed entertainment and architecture, Pharos Architectural Controls is committed to providing innovative lighting and audio visual control solutions. With all their award-winning products being designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, they operate and deliver on a global scale.

Pharos is known for delivering lighting products that demand reliability and extreme performance with some operating on a large scale, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Founded on a team of experienced technicians, designers and engineers committed to delivering products of peak performance, Pharos is responsible for lighting up some of the most iconic landmarks in the world.

Pharos is a part of the Carallon Group.



Empowering Extraordinary Entertainment.

Elation offers the stage lighting industry the most complete toolbox of conventional and intelligent LED lighting, video, and atmospheric effect products specifically designed for the Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental, Production, Studio, Broadcast, House of Worship, Corporate AV, Exhibition, Night Club, Leisure, Theme Park, and Cruise Ship markets.

Elation’s ground-breaking, award winning, and patent-pending hybrid optical systems stand amongst the top brands in the professional lighting and video market. Elations vision is to bring innovative, yet practical solutions for the entertainment lighting market based on your needs and requirements.

Acme Logo

ACME Lighting

Lighting to Engage & Entertain the Audience

ACME Group have established a worldwide reputation for supplying quality and reliable lighting equipment within the professional entertainment industry for over thirty years.  Designed and manufactured in Asia’s largest lighting factory, ACME Group is now offering a 3 Year Warranty on all professional entertainment lighting products.

The products that are manufactured are done so to specifically meet our client’s requirements and exceed their expectations by offering a large and extensive range of professional lighting products including high-output LED wash lights, studio lighting with high refresh rates, modern LED panels, flicker-free products and much more.


100% Wireless

More than 10 years ago, Astera realized that transporting truckloads of cables to and from events as well as laying them out and packing them is a messy and time-consuming job.

So they developed a wireless lighting system to make your event setup faster and easier to manage.

Astera did this by integrating rechargeable batteries in our lights and by developing a powerful remote control system. This system not only helps you to save time and enable clean setups but also allows you to become more creative by quickly moving lights around and to places without electricity.

Their lights are designed to be flexible and work for a range of usages. Spotlights can be used to wash walls, lights can be used indoors and outdoors and work wirelessly as well as when hardwired for bigger or longer events.


Finest Lightshaping Gear since 2008 – Developing for DoP needs

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DoPchoice has provided a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures since it’s founding in 2008 by Stefan Karle.

The cinematographer/inventor has created and built lighting tools with more compact and lightweight designs, that are easier to use and faster to set-up – to meet the needs of gaffers, cinematographers and rental houses, worldwide.


Professional Lighting Equipment

The Luxibel brand is a response to the rapid evolution in the audiovisual industry and the demands of professional customers. With the knowledge of installers, operators and designers, Luxibel have developed a product range that meets productional cost effective requirements. Luxibel is a part of AED Group.


Pure Lighting Excitement

California-based ADJ Group offers a wide range of lighting products, including intelligent DMX moving heads, sound-activated club effects, gobo projectors, LED lighting and stage par cans. With offices on five continents, the company has earned an international reputation for quality, reliability and value, and is credited for many breakthroughs that have occurred in the professional lighting industry over the past 25 years. The list of satisfied users of ADJ Group gear includes customers ranging from disc jockeys and mobile entertainers, to major attractions such as Disneyland, and the world’s largest stages and concert tours.

Chamsys Logo


Inspiring Performance

Utilising the latest in technology and combining it with innovative software design, ChamSys delivers the ultimate lighting experience no matter what the performance.  Providing an impressive portfolio, the company’s versatility is proven through projects such as Harry Potter and WWE events.

With over a decade’s experience in the industry, ChamSYS is responsible for the development and successful launch to market of their exclusive MagicQ console. Their commitment to ongoing research and development of lighting consoles is only surpassed by their commitment to quality and creating a performance to remember.

Arkaos Logo


Simplicity that doesn’t Compromise Performance

ArKaos is a leading developer of real-time visual processing technologies. It develops visual synthesizers that allow the triggering and manipulation of still and video graphics in real-time. The company’s involvement in several prestigious events such at the G20 Summit in China proves their reputation has been well earned.

Running on both PC and MAC, the ArKaos Engine has been continuously refined over the years and is essential to the superior performance of the ArKaos products. The ArKaos technology incorporates formats such as Windows Media Video, Quicktime, Shockwave Flash, MPEG and more.

MDG Logo


Proudly Creating the Best Atmospheric Effects

For over thirty years, MDG has created world class visual effects through their superior-quality fog and haze generators for entertainment, industrial, firefighting and military customers. With products tailormade to suit the purpose both indoors and outdoors, their award-winning catalogue includes the TCI Best Lighting Product Award which has remained unchallenged for twenty years.

The quality and reliability of the MDG generators is proven through their versatility of clientele ranging from replicating disaster situations for military training through to adding that extra atmosphere to West End Productions and Hollywood blockbusters.  The company works closely with all of their clients to ensure they receive the optimum visual performance.

DJ Power

Professional Effects

DJPOWER is a leading manufacturer of stage effects.

Established in 2002, DJPOWER has been manufacturing and supplying professional stage effects equipment all around the globe.

DJPOWER holds more than 50 innovation patents both in China and abroad. DJPOWER’s innovative R&D team are responsible for industry changing products such as the first vertical fog machine, moving head fog machine, super quiet snow machine, and many others.

With a rapidly expanding product range and worldwide network, DJPOWER is committed to producing innovative, world class professional stage effects equipment that represent great value and offer exceptional performance.


The World of Motors

With a worldwide network of offices, ChainMaster have led the way in providing rigging solutions and stage effects for projects of all sizes around the globe. Through the development of high-powered electric chain hoists and chain hoist controllers, their technology has created opportunities that were not previously available in the industry.

ChainMaster ensure that all products are rigorously tested and pass all safety standards before they are installed so their clients have the peace of mind that the quality of the systems are safe and of the highest quality. Throughout the company’s twenty years in the industry they are now recognised as one of the world’s major manufacturers of chain hoists.


Milos. Works Better.

Established in 1994, Milos Structural Systems has grown to be one of the world’s largest trussing manufacturers.  With an unrivalled commitment to new product development and endless enthusiasm for customer satisfaction, the company specializes in delivering strong and secure modular display systems.

Milos works hard to ensure that their products are high quality as well as user friendly with a range versatile to suit any assembly and transport requirements. An experienced team that understands the industry and produces equipment that is safe and reliable, Milos manufactures products that can be depended on.