Experience the new MOON Collection by Griven

Engineered to enhance landscape and architectural details in residential or commercial areas through a refined accent lighting, the brand-new Moon series translates Griven’s long-term technical expertise into a straightforward, practical solution with a wide range of application purposes.

The brand new Moon series offers a comprehensive range of different solutions specifically developed for the creation of light accents in green areas, gardens, on terraces, along sidewalks and pathways, located in commercial, residential, or public environments. Available in three different sizes, the Half Moon, Moon and Full Moon configurations feature a trendy, minimal body, which can be customized with a selection of different LED colour temperatures, optics, mounting accessories and finish options to allow maximum flexibility with style and discreet elegance.

Discover the MOON series specific for wall, ceiling and floor installation:

Available in RGBW, dynamic and static white configurations and with a choice of five different finishes, Half Moon_wall is an extremely compact LED luminaire capable of enhancing outdoor ambiances with discretion and elegance through the creation of refined accent lighting effects in every desired colored or white shade. Its external power supply unit allows a comfortable installation even in the least spaces and the simultaneous management of multiple units.

Available in RGBW, dynamic and static white configuration and with an external power supply unit, Moon_wall is the perfect solution for both decorative and functional enhancement of paths, walkways, gardens, as well as architectural details in hospitality and commercial structures or private houses. The olive grey finish version is a trendy alternative for elegant exterior ambiences.

This white light LED luminaire is capable of enhancing outdoor areas in an effective, impactful way through the creation of well-defined lighting impressions. Full Moon_wall W is suitable for both decorative and functional accent as well as flood lighting in larger private or public environments, such as villas or residential areas, shopping malls, hotels, and resorts. It is also an optimal solution for the enhancement of landscape details in wide green areas, such as gardens or parks. Fitted with an in-built power supply unit allowing the simultaneous management of multiple units, it features three different white light temperatures and 5 trendy finish nuances.