Elite Event Technology Invest in More VuePix Screens

Despite the strict lockdown in Canberra for the past two months, the team at EET are keeping their chins up, utilising the down time to get ready for future events.

Typical of the owner and MD Darren Russell, who doesn’t do things by halves, he has just recently invested in new VuePix Infiled screens to be added to their inventory.

“The VuePix Infiled S series panels with 1.8mm pixel pitch are perfect fit for many virtual events we have in line for the rest of the year. We did many of them last year, and it only makes sense in these times to invest in a very tight pitch screen, that performs perfectly in front of the camera, allowing us to produce virtual productions of a very high standard”, says Darren.

With slim, sleek & seamless designs, also featuring full black LEDs, the VuePix S series panels produce a superior HD image with high contrast, high refresh rate, deep blacks and vibrant colours. This is a perfect combination for a virtual studio set up, which the EET team was looking for.

“We have now created a semi-permanent live stream studio in our warehouse and offer this space to our clients for their special live streaming events,” explains Darren. “Thanks to Con and our good friends at ULA group, who have been our suppliers for over 25 years. They always work with us to make things happen, no matter how tight the timeframes are.”