St Joseph’s Church Illuminated by Astera

GSD Productions in Perth have recently invested in Astera Wireless technology, including Titan Tubes, Pixel Bricks and AX2 Pixel Bars in their inventory.

“We really Love the flexibility the Astera products offer,” comments Alex Spartalis.“Setting up your production with these fixtures is very easy and extremely efficient.”

Late last year, the team used 16 Astera Pixel Bricks and 8 Titan Tubes to highlight the unique architecture of St Joseph’s Church in Subiaco, Perth, during the Voyces ‘Love’ concert.

“With this event, we had an extremely tight schedule with access to the venue at 6pm, and the doors for the audience being opened at 7pm. It would not have been possible to provide the effects we did, in the timeframe we had, using traditional cabled fixtures,” explains Alex.

Astera PixelBricks were used to uplight the church pillars, while Titan Tubes were used to illuminate the main dome, creating a special atmosphere during the choir performance inspired by love, family and connection.