SpectraColor by Elation Professional – The Revolutionary Colour Mixing System

Elation’s R&D department has explored the finer niches of the color spectrum to produce SpectraColor, a revolutionary step forward in color mixing systems. Capable of producing some of the most gorgeous and precise colors ever by a color mixing system, with SpectraColor designers no longer need to compromise on color. The proprietary 7-flag system allows designers to reach the colors of their imagination, shades that were previously impossible to realize using only CMY controls. In order to fully unlock the creative potential of the ground-breaking SpectraColor array, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this unique colour mixing system.

What is Spectracolor?

SpectraColor combines industry standard CMY with seamlessly adjustable RGB flags and variable CTO. The seven colour layers, plus a static colour wheel to cover specific shades, greatly enhance the possible colour range, allowing designers to achieve the colours they desire without sacrificing brightness.

CMY is a well-known subtractive colour mixing system where colour flags can be combined in any saturation to create a wide range of mixed shades. Overall, the behavior of the SpectraColor’s CMY system will feel very familiar to most designers. RGB are “pure” colour points chosen for best saturation and in the SpectraColor system are subtractive and fully variable, allowing for nuanced cross fades and a greater range of intermediate colours.

CMY and the seamlessly adjustable RGB flags combine to widen the colour gamut to reach those hard-to-achieve shades, bringing new depth and new possibilities to your colours. Start with a slightly saturated CMY colour, then add a bit of Red, Green or Blue to change the hue. Combined with a high-intensity white LED engine, colours project more brilliant and with more vivacity than other LED mixes. Deep blues to light pastels, deep reds to light pinks like salmon and coral tones, dark greens to varied shades like seafoam teal, the colour range is immense.

“The SpectraColor system allows me access to subtle reds, blues and greens that are near impossible to mix with a primary CMY mixing system. Having access to these types of colors without losing light output is quite a game changer.”- John Froelich, Resident Lighting Designer, Metropolitan Opera, New York

Colours can combine with the adjustable CTO to enhance the colour range and create warmer looks. The CTO filter is designed to adjust the fixture from its native colour temperature of 6500K to 2700K.  Use the SpectraColor system to replicate unique light sources like metal halide, sodium vapor or fluorescent tubes.

SpectraColor is patent pending and unrivaled by any other manufacturer in the lighting industry. With SpectraColor, top-level Elation luminaires like the Artiste Monet™,
Artiste Rembrandt™ and Artiste Mondrian™ form a creative family of compatible, highly artistic LED luminaires that are vastly superior to luminaires found even just a few years ago.

“Other fixtures were not able to compete with the Monet as far as colour.”– Matthew Shimamoto – Volt Lites, Artiste Monet at the Hollywood Bowl