LumenRadio Introduces the Galileo MAX

Lumen Radio is very excited to announce the release of the latest addition to their Galileo family for fixed installation products, Galileo MAX.

Galileo MAX is a multiple universe transmitter with Ethernet and WiFi in a DIN-rail form factor. It is powered by DC or PoE and can transmit DMX/RDM from sACN and ArtNet, and capable of transmitting one universe of CRMX / W-DMX or two universes using CRMX2.

Galileo makes architectural lighting projects easier and cheaper than ever before by providing wireless DMX in a modular, installation-friendly form.

By using DIN rail cabinets or certified enclosures (IP65 or better), Galileo is suitable for all indoor and outdoor installations. Based on LumenRadio’s trusted CRMX technology, you get a range and performance which allows your creativity to take center stage.

And with Galileo MAX you can now control up to 8 universes and tackle much large-scale architectural lighting projects.

See the full technical specs for Galileo MAX here: