ChamSys Training in Australia & New Zealand

The ULA Group team has conducted a series of ChamSys training in Australia and New Zealand in the last quarter of 2017.

Taking place in all major cities in Australia and 3 locations across the ditch, the training was extremely popular and booked out almost every time we announced new dates & locations.

Tailored for both existing users as well as lighting operators who haven’t had a chance to work with ChamSys platform yet, the intensive training gave all the attendees a foundation of how to use ChamSys consoles and a comprehensive overview of capabilities of ChamSys consoles and platforms.

  • The training provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of the ChamSys consoles.

    The attendees gained proficiency in the following areas:

    • The 4 operating modes of the MaqicQ software
    • Patching Dimmers, Single and Multi-Element Heads and Media servers
    • Building a 3D plot with the inbuilt visualizer
    • Controlling Fixtures
    • The FX engine
    • Recording Editing and Playback of Cues, CueStacks and Chases
    • Controlling Media Servers
    • Writing Fixture Personalities
    • Using the Remote Control App
      … and much more
Chamsys Basic Training Lighting Display Production Crew

Simon Pentz, ChamSys Trainer and Technical Sales & Support Specialist at ULA Group, comments: “It was great to see such a positive response to the training. New users were impressed with the power, flexibility and price point of the platform and even the experienced ChamSys users that attended left with a broader understanding of the software.”

Having the new flagship console from ChamSys on hand – MQ 500 Stadium, was a highlight of the training, however, the attendees were encouraged to move around different consoles during the sessions to make everyone aware of the ease of moving from a PC wing to the highest level of show console.

“Thanks Guys, probably the best training I’ve been to yet.”

Aaron Lambie, Production Technician at Lampros Sound.
(Attended the training session in Wellington)

Well done Simon and the team on training over 80 new ChamSys light console users!

And a great news for those who have not had a chance to join us for ChamSys training in 2017. We will continue conducting regular ChamSys training in 2018! The dates and locations to be announced early in 2018. Stay Tuned ☺