VuePix Delivers Superb Visuals of The Greatest Outback

Location: Queenstown, NZ
Application: Digital Displays

TomTom Productions have been very busy lately, creating perfect events for some of their prestige clients. One of them was a corporate event for Subaru NZ, which was held at the Skyline Queenstown in late February.

The TomTom Productions team delivered a full AV solution for the event, including a VuePix Infiled screen as the main visual medium.

Featuring VuePix DB2.6 panels, the 4.5m wide and 1.5m high digital screen was used to promote their all-new Subaru Outback, the test-drive of which was shot in some of the most stunning locations of Queenstown.

Complimenting the picture perfect sceneries of NZ, the VuePix screen delivered superb visuals for the launch of the most technologically advanced and luxurious Subaru Outback ever.
The content for the screen was optimized and managed by the NovaStar R5 processors.