VuePix Screen Compliments
Stunning Views of the Adventure Capital

Location: Queenstown, NZ
Application: Digital Displays

TomTom Productions partnered with Watson & Wyatt Designs to deliver another great event at the Queenstown Skyline, this time promoting tourism for Destination Queenstown.

The VuePix Infiled DB screen of 2.6mm pixel pitch has been used as a main visual platform for the dinner event, delivering picture perfect visuals which complimented the stunning views from the Skyline Queenstown.

The guests were treated to a theatrical, cinematic, multi-sensory production ‘The Legend of the Lake’ – the story of a Maori princess, her lover, a terrible taniwha and the birth of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. This unique story is told through beautiful animated imagery, clever soundscapes and personal narration with traditional local actors.