LumenRadio Introduces GALILEO – Wireless DMX for fixed installations

Following the success of The Next Generation, LumenRadio presents the latest addition in the Wireless DMX portfolio to meet the requirements of fixed installation projects.

With the increasing demand for dynamic light control in fixed installations, LumenRadio today announces the availability of Galileo TX & RX, two products tailored specifically for fixed installation projects where Wireless DMX can make the project both easier and more cost efficient.

Powered by LumenRadio’s trusted and reliable CRMX™ technology, Galileo is built on the same technology that LumenRadio has provided to the entertainment lighting industry for over a decade. With close collaboration of industry professionals, Galileo is developed to make every installation project easier than ever by providing reliable Wireless DMX in an install friendly form factor. Using either DIN-rail cabinets or IP rated enclosures, Galileo is suitable for all Indoor and Outdoor installation projects.

As with all LumenRadio products, Galileo brings you advanced features such as Cognitive Coexistence, Wireless RDM, 5ms fixed latency, 128 bit encryption, error correction and much more. Multiple Galileo units can be used to transmit several DMX universes, allowing for easy system expansion as well as an in-app repeater upgrade for extension of signal coverage. By using the Bluetooth connectivity, commissioning and configuration has never been easier and together with support for both CRMX and W-DMX it is compatible with almost all Wireless DMX fixtures on the market.