Krait the ultimate in flexibility from Griven

Capable of transforming spaces into captivating and dynamic environments, the brand-new KRAIT LED strip series comprises four distinct models: KRAIT MB, KRAIT TB, KRAIT SB, and KRAIT LE. Designed for versatility and unparalleled creativity, these flexible LED strips are indispensable tools for illuminating and enhancing our surroundings with fantasy and appeal.

Featuring different kinds and levels of bendability, their outdoor rated silicone bodies elegantly enhance contoured architecture, coves, and unconventional structures. They can be effortlessly mounted even on curved or uneven surface using dedicated mounting accessories, enabling the creation of distinctive designs that emphasize both architectural and landscaping applications.

With a maximum run of 5 meters, all KRAIT versions are available in selectable custom lengths as convenient plug-and-play configurations tailored to meet the most specific project requirements. Featuring either opaline or clear direct-view diffusers according to the models, all four variants feature RGBW color configurations, as well as tunable and static white light options.