VuePix Infiled Launches CBSF Technology for xR / VP Environments

VuePix Infiled, a market leader in LED display technology, is excited to announce the recent launch of its game changing CBSF (COLOUR & BRIGHTNESS SHIFT-FREE) technology, which marks a significant leap in the xR/VP market. With CBSF technology, VuePix Infiled is setting a new benchmark for colour performance in xR/VP. CBSF will further enable the rapid development occurring within the virtual production industry. The CBSF technology, powered by the innovative M2 chip, marks a new era for xR/VP markets. It enables accurate colour reproduction, by eliminating colour shifts and uneven brightness, for both vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

The conventional LED display (Left) vs The display with CBSF technology integrated (Right).



The typical layout of SMD RGB chips often results in a blueish or reddish hue when viewed from a wide angle. However, CBSF technology resolves this issue by harmonizing the RGB among all pixels and between adjacent pixels, resulting in consistent and stable colour temperature across a wide 160 degree viewing angle. CBSF technology ensures colour shift free performance, resulting in vibrant and accurate colours in all conditions

In the 160 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angle range, 1.95M2 LED chip maintains more consistent colour temperature than conventional LEDs.


When deviating from the optimal viewing angle using conventional LED, the image may appear darker, while CBSF technology solves the problem of inconsistent
brightness levels from different filming angles. This greatly reduces the time spent on adjusting the brightness levels during the production process.

At the 160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle ranges, 1.95M2 maintains a more consistent brightness than conventional products.


To achieve better anti-glare performance, M2 utilizes a unique surface treatment process. The treatment process effectively addresses reflection
issues due to the inconsistent LED surface. This produces a more uniform and softer display, resulting in perfect visual performance.


M2 is a chip-type package with double the number of pins compared to conventional LEDs, which improves the durability and stability of the LEDs.
The incorporation of an 8-pin design and an increased soldering area by 2.5 times, strengthens the LED from shearing forces, by four times.
The design significantly improves the LEDs’ stability and shields them against external chemical contamination.


The CBSF technology has obtained a significant improvement in the energy-saving performance of LED displays.
It has exhibited a remarkable reduction in power consumption by 30%, and a significant reduction in screen temperature, compared to conventional products, all while maintaining an equivalent level of brightness.