Luxibel launches UVC disinfection systems


Now that the events and entertainment industry is paralyzed by government measures to curb the worldwide advance of the coronavirus, AED group from Willebroek is launching a new range of products featuring UVC-technology in the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to these high-quality UVC light systems, rooms and materials can be disinfected bacterially and virally.

AED group is a supplier of professional audiovisual material for more than 60,000 events around the world every year. Faced with the international ban on mass gatherings by governments due to the corona crisis (festivals, fairs, corporate events), CEO Glenn Roggeman decided to reorient his R&D department. “We have a lot of in-house know-how and experience in the development of lighting technology for the entertainment industry. We have now used this knowledge to design products that can be used with UVC-lighting technology to disinfect rooms and thus contribute to the fight against the virus.”

The new range is being launched under AED group’s Luxibel brand, and is available for order today. The fixtures are manufactured in Europe and use high-quality Philips UV components. UVC-technology has been in existence for quite some time with applications mainly in water treatment plants and for sterilization of medical equipment. The technology’s effectiveness has been extensively tested and proven by law. AED group is expanding the technology’s field of application by using it to combat the spread of COVID-19. The focus is on luminaires with direct, indirect and hybrid UVC lighting.

The new range is being launched under AED group’s Luxibel brand, and is available for order today. The fixtures are manufactured in Europe and use high-quality Philips UV components.

The units featuring direct UVC-light can only be activated in areas where no physical persons are present during the disinfection process. UVC-radiation is harmful to human skin and eyes. Therefor all fixtures featuring direct radiation are equipped with a motion sensor and a visible and auditive alarm. Hans Vanderheijden of Luxibel explains: “The appliances with direct lighting can only disinfect unpopulated spaces, for example before and after office and opening hours or during intermittent breaks. But we are also launching a variant where the UVC-light sources are enclosed in a housing through which air flows. As a result, the ambient air is disinfected safely, and the device can remain activated 24/7 without being harmful to humans. Viruses transmit mainly through the air (for example, by coughing or sneezing) and our device ensures that air is disinfected. This investment is not only interesting now, in light of the coronavirus, but also helps neutralize recurring viruses (such as flu), dust mites, fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms.”

AED group sees a comprehensive application of this technology. Installation is possible in office and meeting rooms, hospitals, residential care centers, waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, public transport, theaters, cinema halls, supermarkets, reception areas, catering, retail, petrol stations, in furnished areas to disinfect materials or clothing, or even at home.

CEO Glenn Roggeman sees the broader use of this technology as a positive contribution to the well-being of society. For the installation, he is launching an appeal to companies in the audiovisual industry that have lost income due to the crisis. “Our customers are professionals who are familiar with this technology and its implementation. We will be able to supply over 100,000 units for immediate installation in the coming weeks and months. In this way, our customers can also tap into a new source of income during this crisis. ”