Novastar introduces H-series Video Processors

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NovaStar introduces it’s flagship all-in-one video processors, designed specifically for large LED displays applications.


The H Series greatly simplifies LED system integration, image processing and managing multiple inputs, offering the latest image processing technology in the industry. The H series processors deliver an astonishing visual effect and ultimate picture quality for LED displays.

All-in-One Solution – Simple design, yet complex integration

While utilizing a base main frame with input and output slots, the H-Series comes in 4 different frame sizes, H2, H5, H9 & H15. Each frame has different input / output capacities, making them suitable for virtually any application. The largest H series processor can drive up to 130 million pixels, it also features a web GUI for control & configuration. Multiple input options available. Supporting a large type of video formats as well as 4K & HDR10, the units are up to the demands of today’s devices. Other features like OSD, BG layers and colour correction are available. Pre-set layouts allow you to recall either locally, timed or via external commands. An optional Multiview preview card does it all, allowing you realtime preview of your input sources.

True flexibility Awaken new sensory experience

The H series supports up to 16 HD layers per output slot with an unrestricted arrangement. The layers can be positioned freely across different output loading areas or within the same output, while keeping the layer size the same. Layers can be in any position, overlapped or scaled. The system supports other layer functions such as image capture, layer rotation, and more.

Stability & Backup Multiple safeguards for peace on mind

With the option for a 2nd power supply, hot swap cards , backup input video ports and the ability to use multiple output cards for redundancy or extended the output via fiber, the H series processors offer peace of mind in mission critical environments. They are also very scalable to meet any application.