NOVASTAR – VX1000 Simplicity Meets Power

The VX1000 is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that integrates video processing and video control into one box. It features 10 Ethernet ports and supports video controller, fiber converter and Bypass working modes. A VX1000 unit can drive up to 6.5 million pixels, with the maximum output width and height up to 10,240 pixels and 8192 pixels, respectively, which is ideal for ultra-wide and ultra-high LED screen applications.

The VX1000 is capable of receiving a variety of video signals and processing high-resolution 4K×1K@60Hz images. In addition, the device features stepless output scaling, low latency, 3D, pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration and more, to present you with an excellent image display experience.

What’s more, the VX1000 can work with NovaStar’s supreme software NovaLCT and V-Can to greatly facilitate your in-field operations and control, such as screen configuration, Ethernet port backup settings, layer management, preset management and firmware update. Thanks to its powerful video processing and sending capabilities and other outstanding features, the VX1000 can be widely used in applications such as medium and high-end rental, stage control systems and fine-pitch LED screens.

Support for redundant input source, system configuration, ethernet ports, and devices. Providing total security from start to finish.

Input and Output
– 10 Ethernet ports, with 6.5 million pixels capacity
– Optical ports output to CVT4K/CVT10﹣Four 4K×1K@60Hz input channels
– Support for input mosaic: HDMI, DVI, OPT

Multiple layers for creativity
– Support for 3 layers, with 10 presets
– All layers support 4K×1K, with opacity adjustment
– Main layer supports fade in and fade out switching
– One-button scaling of entire image, with support for SuperView III technology

Fully redundant operation for maximum stability
– Support for device backup
– Support for Ethernet port backup
– Support for input source backup
– Support for system configuration backup

Vast functionality for a superior user experience
– The computer connects to the first VX1000 by Ethernet for and cascades
to other VX1000 by USB cable.
– One device provides 3 working modes (Video Controller, ByPass, Fiber Converter)
– Ultra-low 1 frame latency
– 3D function