Obsidian launches affordable, flexible NETRON DMX10 AB splitters

Obsidian Control Systems announces the newest addition to its extremely successful and rapidly expanding NETRON product range of innovative data distribution devices. With the introduction of the DMX10 splitters, it now offers a high-value solution for simpler systems that require rugged hardware, flexible configuration and reliable DMX traffic management at an affordable price point.

No nonsense, no compromise solutions for the professional lighting and AV markets, the NETRON DMX10™ is a flexible, rackmount, 10-port DMX splitter with dual inputs and freely assignable XLR DMX outputs. Available with 5-pin XLR connectors (DMX10-5) or as a 3-pin unit (DMX10-3), the DMX10 is easy to configure and is ideally suited for installations and live event applications that do not require RDM communication. Both NETRON DMX10 devices are ETL approved.

The DMX10 boosts and distributes the DMX signal from dual inputs to 10 separate port outputs. Utilizing long-life toggle switches, each port is easily routed to either the A or B input, providing configuration flexibility to accommodate any situation. Each output is optically isolated from the others, providing protection in the event of a short. The DMX10 can also be used as a repeater when transportation of a DMX signal across longer distances is needed. Lightweight yet of a solid construction for years of reliable use, each DMX10 unit is encased in a rugged metal chassis with impact-resistant paint.
The DMX10 is part of Obsidian Control Systems’ comprehensive NETRON data distribution range that encompasses Ethernet to DMX gateway, DMX splitter and DMX/RDM splitter solutions.