ULA Group welcomes 2 new team members

Jake Horsburgh – Product Manager VuePix Infiled

Jake joins our team as a Product Manager, predominately for our VuePix Infiled LED screen technology. Bringing a young energy yet vast industry experience in all technical aspects of LED screens, he has worked on some major international events in his career, including Olympic games in Brazil, music festivals in Europe, Commonwealth Games, Formula E in Hong Kong to name a few. Jake has also been involved in the production of high-profile Live TV shows – Brownlow Medal, Australian Ninja Warrior,
The Logies, and many more.
Jake enjoys the fun of traveling for both work and play, with his favourite destination being Barcelona so far … handy our new Infiled office just opened there. To unwind and relax, Jake usually gets out on the boat for some fishing, plays a game of basketball with his mates or enjoys assisting his mates in their recent brewery openings.

Kate Butler – Administration Coordinator

Kate joins our Melbourne based team as the Administration Coordinator. Highly energetic with a fun attitude, Kate loves the buzz of a busy office, and she excels in operations and problem solving. With her travel industry background of 26 years, Kate is ready to keep our busy team supported & well looked after when on the road. Being a busy Mum of 3 active children, she has the perfect qualifications for that. Kate admits that she doesn’t have a lot of time to relax, so her most relaxing time is either on a football field, basketball court, swimming pool,netball court, soccer pitch or in the boxing ring … cheering on her kids. When she has the time to travel, her favourite travel destinations are Positano, New York and Boracay. Amidst her travels, Kate loves indulging in all the food she can’t’ have!